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Retrovibe Vergeworld gameplay trailer

A quick, clean, trailer with the right ‘vibe’

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Retrovibe came to us seeking a creative agency who could support them with the launch of a new roguelike retro racing game they were publishing for Bad Bones studio named VergeWorld.

More specifically, they required a short, snappy gameplay trailer to reveal and show off the new game to the world at the IGN Expo event. However, the issue was the timeline, as Retrovibe required a partner who could act fast while still getting great results.

This meant that our video team had to work fast to capture gameplay, mix it with additional capture from the developers, sequence, and edit together a punchy yet exciting trailer that also looked the part while capturing the indie title’s key features and distinctive retro heart.

Despite the strict deadline, our team swiftly turned around the finished trailer in just 15 days for Retrovibe, who were super pleased with the end result in terms of both quality and speed. The unveiling went well, with both the game and trailer receiving a great reception at the IGN event.

If you require fast turn-around video services to launch your game then hit us up!

“It‘s a pleasure to work with such a talented team of professionals. The possess the rare skill of combining great quality with fast delivery!”
Marcin Traczyk - Head of Communications at Retrovibe

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