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One Punch Man World Live-Action Trailer

Project N teams up with Saitama, the hero for fun!

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This past Summer, Project N partnered with one of the biggest names in the anime and manga industry – Crunchyroll. Best known for its industry-leading anime streaming service, Crunchyroll has recently made the foray into game publishing, bringing some of its iconic IP to the world of interactive entertainment.

Project N was hired to produce a live-action trailer for a new game based on one of the world's most popular anime and manga series – One Punch Man. One Punch Man tells the story of Saitama – a self-made hero in a world of superpowered saviors and villainous monsters. Created by the manga author who goes by the pseudonym ONE (Mob Psycho), it's a tongue-in-cheek story that mixes raucous comedy with mind-blowing action.

One Punch Man World is an ambitious adaptation of the anime/manga series, allowing fans to play as one of a number of heroes with pulse-pounding action-adventure gameplay in full-3D environments. The game is set to release on PC and mobile devices.

Project N was tasked with creating a live-action trailer to introduce the game to the world, as part of the paid media advertising planned by Crunchyroll. With a reverence for the source material, Project N staff set to work creating detailed narrative concepts for the trailer that saw game footage mixed with real-world scenes to create an immersive preview to get fans hyped.

After we had agreed upon a narrative, we produced several pre-visuals for the client so they could get a good idea of what the trailer would look like before the shoot took place. After presenting our ideas to the client, we settled on a 'playing at home' gameplay scene, in which creative camera work would meld with gameplay footage and high-intensity music to create a tangible sense of excitement.

To shoot the live-action scenes, Project N hired cutting-edge film studio Sandstorm Films, who used an Arri Alexa and a Technodolly - a fully automated camera crane which is fully programable for repeat camera moves - capable of capturing shots with incredibly dynamic movement. We shared Director of Photography duties with a long term freelance partner, and built a detailed set inside the studio, emulating the bedroom of a One Punch Man fan, adorned with all sorts of props and accessories.

Project N has given us an edge with their exceptional and unwavering performance, transforming our trailer into a captivating work of art, representing the best side of One Punch Man: World”
Jennifer Bales, Director - Games Marketing, Crunchyroll

Over four days of shooting, working with a multitude of external contractors, we gathered all the required live-action shots and then set to work with post-production. Project N's in-house video team spliced the footage together, working closely with Crunchyroll to synchronize the in-game footage with the live-action scenes.

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