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Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon requested stop-motion animation, and we were primed to deliver

After building a strong relationship with Amazon having worked with them on a number of past projects, including creating Christmas gift card assets and work on the MMORPG New World, the team at Project N took on another production. This time, our team was tasked with producing a stop-motion video asset for the Amazon website, to help advertise a new gift card in the shape of a truck.

Our video and design team began by drawing up a selection of six detailed storyboards to show to the client prior to filming. The storyboards consisted of various backdrops and settings and displayed an accurate example of what it was we could achieve within the project.

The entire video was hand-crafted from cardboard and the team was dedicated to creating physical props for the stop-motion. Every member of the team contributed their expertise and got hands-on with any aspect of the project they could help with.

Over fifty cardboard trees and 23 skyscrapers were built, with the truck, mountains, city, and other features of the settings animated separately. These were then carefully compiled in After Effects to piece together a seamless stop-motion video composed of over 3,800 individual photos.

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