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Building your community with Project N


  • Discord server builds
  • Content moderation
  • Social support across Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Community engagement activities
  • Active support and quick responses
  • Risk management and diffusing situations

What our clients have to say

“Working with Project N on this Discord server made the process easy. They had the expertise to answer all of our questions, and the execution was exactly what we had hoped.”
— Elissa Dukes, Social media strategist, Bandai Namco Europe
“Setting up this new Discord server was a smooth experience, with its features expanded to meet the needs of our audience as it grew. Needless to say, the Project N team packs a punch!
— Théo Rusé-Cartereau, Community specialist, Bandai Namco Europe
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What is community management?

Building, growing and engaging an active online audience that connects, shares, and promotes a sense of belonging – all with the purpose of authentically reaching your fans!

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Why is community management important?

Community management is all about fostering past, present, and future fans – creating engaging moments, listening for insights, and making meaningful conversations. All with the intent of bringing these fans back for a new launch, update, or sale.

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What can community management do?

Community management can help you get reviews and collect ideas directly from engaged and enthusiastic fans. It’s also an area where you can offer assistance quickly, increase brand awareness through positive interactions, and gain insights into what your fanbase wants.

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What is a community strategy?

Planning out what you want to do with your community is one part of our conversation - are we looking to build a community from scratch, or help users with technical support, or use it as a marketing channel, or as a way to educate users, or all of the above. These are all parts of community management and engagement, and we can help you pinpoint where to go.

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What social platforms can you community manage?

We are equipped to deal with all major social media platforms, including Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as building communities on Discord servers. We have dedicated tools and staff for each, and we can tailor a community strategy for you and your audience.

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