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Project O.R.C.S. Website and Trailer

A new dawn for RPGs

Spirit Knight character from Project ORCS game

Our first project of 2024 was one of our most exciting yet. We were tasked with introducing the world to a game that introduced an entirely new genre – Collaborative Storytelling Roleplaying Games (CSRPGs) – in an innovative fusion of video game and tabletop RPGs. In Project O.R.C.S. players can create their own stories in exciting campaigns run by the game leader (or Guide, in the game’s parlance).

In this world of swords and sorcery, your fate is decided by dice rolls, but there’s far more than just luck that goes into this thrilling experience. Players can build their own characters, assign them abilities, and equip them with weapons in a richly detailed character builder before embarking on fantastical quests in a vibrant fantasy world.

The game is being developed by a new studio, Lightforge Games, who count among their staff former members of some of the biggest studios in gaming – EPIC Games and Blizzard. With this pedigree, you can be sure that their first game will be groundbreaking, as we learned in our hands-on time in the game, a play session guided by none other than the studios’ CEO Matt Schembari.

Building a home

The project was a two-pronged approach – our web designers would craft a website, while our video and editorial teams put together a trailer. The website would be a one-pager, that communicated the core selling points of the game while displaying some of the gorgeous key art provided by Glenn Rane, Lightforge’s Art Director, and ex-art lead at Blizzard.

In just a few short weeks, our web design team put together a gorgeous website complete with the key information about the game including the concept, key features, a media gallery, and an FAQ. The site also contains a few handy links including a Steam wishlist button, a link to join the game’s dedicated Discord server, and a newsletter sign-up.

“Working with Project N was a breeze and a delight - they assisted us in executing on very impactful deliverables for our game announcement on a tight timeline.”
Nathan Mooney - Publishing Director

An endearing introduction

After our play session with Lightforge, we had a strong insight into the appeal and purpose of Project O.R.C.S. and set to work scripting a short trailer that would communicate the wonder and creativity of the game. Our editorial team set to crafting a script and settled upon a narrative led by a narrator in the style of classic fantasy fiction like The Lord of the Rings.

Once the script was finalized, producers began scouring the web for the right voice talent while the video team captured gameplay footage and put together the flow of the video. It wasn’t long before the trailer was coming together, with the gorgeous visuals of the game captured dynamically and endearingly by our video editors, and inspired by the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3 and The Witcher series.

The final product was an accurate and thrilling representation of the game, that sparked excitement in the gaming community. Picked up and shared by huge media outlets such as GameTrailers, IGN, PCGamesN, PC Gamer, and many more.

We were immensely proud of our work on both the website and trailer, a project which from concept to completion took just 27 days. This fast and fabulous work was the perfect start to Project N’s 2024. It was a pleasure to work with Lightforge Games, who were responsive, welcoming, and extremely passionate about their product. We're honored to have been involved in the early stages of their story.

“Working with Project N was a breeze and a delight - they assisted us in executing on very impactful deliverables for our game announcement on a tight timeline. They kept in constant communication and provided immense clarity regarding the process - while quickly addressing any of our questions or concerns. Definitely plan to work with them again in the future on content marketing related work, all the way from ideation to execution!” - Nathan Mooney - Publishing Director

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