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Glitchbusters: Stuck On You

Quick, quality assets for a quirky game

Glitchbusters Character Key art

One of our favorite smaller-scale projects from the past year was our work on the irreverent and addictive co-op shooter-platformer game Glitchbusters. Published by Skybound Games, this adorably quirky title required short-form content pieces to build hype and awareness in preparation for launch.

Our in-house video production team created a series of 9:16 assets for distribution on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. This included a chuckle-inducing in-game reenactment of the iconic Ghostbusters commercial, which saw the characters of Glitchbusters take on the roles of Bill Murray and co. from the iconic 1984 film.

All in-game capture was produced by our video team, which required them to not only coordinate gameplay to show the game at its best but also to make sure that all footage worked in the narrower 9:16 aspect ratio. The Ghostbusters spoof asset saw multiple team members utilize the co-op functionality and get directed in-game to achieve the sequence. Our editorial team penned the script for each Glitchbuster character, which was presented as speech bubble subtitles to translate the Glitchbusters’ chirpy language.

We also produced a series of How To videos, with succinct scripts produced by our editorial team running through the basics of Glitchbusters' gameplay. These were once again presented in the 9:16 format. These assets were quick, usually running less than 30 seconds, so the writing had to be engaging, as well as snappy enough to convey the message Skybound needed.

“Work was turned around quickly, efficiently, and minimal edits were required.”
Arsen Nazaryan - Brand manager, Skybound Entertainment
GlitchBusters Tag Yourself

On top of that, we also created a number of smart static assets for their social channels – accolade imagery, wallpapers, and celebratory key art featuring the Glitchbusters characters.

This small-scale project proved to be a lot of fun and, most importantly, brought tangible value to the client.

“We were very pleased with Project N's work on this project,” said Arsen Nazaryan, brand manager at Skybound Entertainment. “Work was turned around quickly, efficiently, and minimal edits were required.”

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